What Does Archiving Instagram Posts Do?

Staying aware of social network changes is a test. Particularly today when there are refreshes practically week after week. Your social media showcasing system regularly needs to change with these updates. Instagram has delivered a huge amount of updates over the most recent few years as it keeps on developing. We should investigate the Archive feature delivered by Instagram.

What Do You Mean By Instagram Archive?

A few times back Instagram has added a new feature Instagram Archive. You will find the feature by tapping on the three horizontal dost on any post. You will see the Archive option along with share, copy link, edit, delete, and turn off commenting options. When you hit that archive option, the post will be sent to a private gallery where only you can see the post.

Instagram is by all accounts trusting that the Archive option will both prevent individuals from erasing their photographs and make individuals more OK with sharing certain photographs in any case. However, you can always get back the post to your profile from the archived position. Don’t worry, Instagram does not give your friends any notification about you archiving any of the posts.

How to Archive a Post on Instagram?

Archiving your posts on Instagram is very easy and will be able to do in a few clicks of a button. It’s just that easy. If you are not aware to use this feature on Instagram, let’s just understand how to do it step by step.

Step 1: First of go to your profile.

Step 2: Select the post that you want to archive.

Step 3: Tap on the three horizontal dots you see on the right side of your post.

Step 4: Now a pop-up menu will appear on your screen with options. You have to tap on the archive option.

What Do Archiving Instagram Posts Do?

When you archive posts, Instagram just sends the post in a private gallery within Instagram. After you archive the posts, you will see that the post has been disappeared from there. The post has not been completely deleted. Instagram holds its control over it as it has been saved in the archived posts section. Only you will be able to see the posts and none of your followers will post anymore and won’t be able to comment and like on the posts that you just archived.

Is There any Limit to Archive Post?

There is no such limit to archive the post. You can keep it in the archives on Instagram as long as you want. If you want you can anytime un-archive the posts so that everybody will be able to see them on your profile.

What if The Archived Post Has Tags?

If you have archived posts that you have tagged with your friends, it will automatically be removed from your friend’s tagged photos list too. The friends that you have tagged in the post will not be able to know if your archive the post on Instagram.

How to Get Back the Archived Post?

It’s very easy to unarchive or get back your posts on Instagram. The steps will help you.

Step 1: Go to your Profile section.

Step 2: Now tap on three lines icon on your profile.

Step 3: You will see the menu option there. Tap on the Archive option and you will see posts you have archived.

Step 4: Tap on the post and then tap again on the three horizontal dots.

Step 5: Now tap on the options shown on the profile. By doing this post will be shown automatically on your profile.

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So, this was all about the archive feature on Instagram. You can easily hide any of your posts using this feature without deleting the same from your Instagram account. And whenever you want, you can get back the same to your profile.

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