Privacy is everyone’s right. MyTechYear respects the privacy of each user. The data of users is safe with MyTechYear. MyTechYear does not sell the data to anybody. You can trust the MyTechYear website without hesitation.

Credit Card Details

MyTechYear never asks any user about credit card details or any other payment details. If anyone can find a payment-related issue or query, then it is advised that you do not proceed further. It may be a fraud. MyTechYear is not responsible for any payment issues.

Third-Party Links

MyTechYear may include third-party links. The third-party links may redirect you to another web page and ask you to make the payment for product purchase or service charges. MyTechYear is not responsible for the third party. We can give a guarantee of ourselves but not to others. And we do not check the ingenuity of third-party links on our websites. It is your responsibility to take care while switching to another website using links.

Log Files Usage

Websites maintain a record of users that store the information related to the address, IP, ISP, browsing history, pages a user clicks or visit within the websites. MyTechYear also does the same. This is essential to increase the user experience with the website. There is no privacy issue at MyTechYear.


Cookies help to enhance the user experience for any website. MyTechYear stores cookies to improve user experience. And give better and fast service to you.

DART Cookies

You may see that MyTechYear shows the advertisements to you as per your search history and preference because we use Google Adsence. Google Adsense keeps a record of user search history, user preferences, and other details. You will see customized advertisements on MyTechYear due to Google Adsense.

Safety Of User Accounts

MyTechYear has the option to create your profile with us. Users are able to create their accounts on the MyTechYear platform. The data provided in the application form is entirely safe with us. But is advised that any user does not share their id or password to anybody or any third-party link available on the MyTechYear website. We can give a guarantee of MyTechYear policies but for anybody else. MyTechYear always prefers the user to use their personal devices for browsing purposes. The devices at a cybercafe or public places are not safe, and they may have viruses or be attacked by hackers. In case if you use general devices, then prefer to go to the Incognito mode. MyTechYear can do nothing in case of any loss of data or payment issue with the third-party links.

Changes In Privacy Policy

The visitors and users are advised to use the Privacy Policy of MyTechYear before utilizing our services. We are not responsible for any non-awareness. MyTechYear has the right to update, change the privacy policy at any time. And MyTechYear team will inform you if any changes will happen.