Instagram vs. Instagram Lite – Which One is Better?

When any app becomes enlarged in size with a lot of features, it releases its lite version in which there are fewer features, and it also takes less space in our phones. Every app like Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Tiktok, etc., has its lite versions. Just like these apps, Instagram also has a lite version, which has been announced in May 2020. Now, after some development, Facebook has again launched the Instagram Lite version in India. The main Instagram had also made some changes to its appearance.  You might be thinking that you should use the Instagram lite version or not and what are missing features in the lite versions. Here we will discuss all the features that you will get in the lite version of Instagram.

What is Instagram Lite?

Instagram is currently testing its lighter version that is called Instagram lite. The new Instagram lite has been released after some development process. The new Instagram lite app lacks some features that you may see in the main Instagram app, but you can see the overall experience is not that different.

Facebook launched the lighter version of Facebook with the name Facebook Lite in the year 2015 and also launched Messenger lite in the year 2020. The Instagram lite version can be used in places where internet connectivity is an issue and for those users who are using a basic android phone.

The Instagram lite app is the testing process. Not many users are using it. But if you want to know the differences between Instagram and Instagram lite, here are the basic differences between them.

Instagram vs. Instagram Lite

Instagram Lite is quite small in size, but it still manages to carry the important features that you will need from the main Instagram app.

Upload Posts

With the Instagram Lite app, you can upload and post pictures to your profile. But there are some restrictions like you will not be able to post videos from the lite version of the app. The data that is used by Instagram lite is the same as it is used in the regular Instagram app for posting pictures. But in order to view the pictures and videos on Instagram lite, it will need less data than the regular Instagram app.

Profile Page

The profile page of Instagram lite will include the basic features like the images you have posted and bookmarks. You can also see the story highlights features. But there is no IGTV support in the Instagram Lite version.


Using the Instagram Lite app, you can post stories, but you have restricted to posts only images as stories. The lite version does not allow you to post videos as a story on your profile. But still, you can watch videos of other people you follow as stories.

Explore Posts

The Explore section is upgraded in the regular app, so it will show you categories. But in the lite app, you will not see categories like the regular Instagram app. The search option also does not carry any search history. You may experience that explore section might not work the same way it does in the regular app. But, yes, it is possible for you to search people, hashtags that are similar to that of the main Instagram app.


You can also see the activity feature in the lite version of the Instagram app. You will get to all the updates regarding the new followers, likes, comments, and it will work the same as the regular Instagram app.

Instagram vs. Instagram Lite – Features That Are Missing in Instagram Lite

You have seen that the Instagram lite version brings almost all the important features from the regular Instagram application. But still, there are some features that you may see are missing from the regular app. Let’s know all the features that are missing in the Instagram lite app.

IGTV Support

The regular Instagram app includes the IGTV feature where you can watch the vertical videos. But you can’t watch them on the Instagram lite version. You will see no IGTV Icon on the Instagram lite version. The feature of IGTV Videos is completely unavailable on the Instagram lite version.

Direct Messages

Instagram’s lite version also does not support the direct message feature on your profile. Therefore. As the direct message feature is missing, you will not be able to send messages, share posts and videos to your friends if you are using the Instagram lite version. If you want to use these features, you have to move on to the regular Instagram app.


In the Regular Instagram app, you can share any post with your friends by using the sharing option that you can see with the three dots option. But this option is not available with the Instagram lite version. You will not be able to share any posts with your friends.


In the Instagram regular app, you will see easy editing options for your posts. But in the Instagram lite version, the editing option is unavailable. Therefore, you will not be able to edit the posts while uploading them. But still, you will have the filters to be selected with the pictures you want to post.

Multiple Photos

With the regular Instagram app, you can easily upload multiple photos in the form of a carousel. Somehow, that is unavailable in the Instagram lite version. The app does not allow you to select and upload multiple photos to your profile. But you will be able to see the carousel posts of your friends.

The major difference in both apps is the size. The lite version has less size as compared to the regular Instagram app. So if your Phone has less space and you are okay with using fewer Instagram features, it is a good idea to use Instagram lite on your Phone. It is a data-friendly app, and you can still use the basic features of Instagram. But if you want to use the full features of Instagram, you have to go for the regular Instagram app.

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