03 Different Ways to Mute WhatsApp Calls

WhatsApp has acted as an important part of our life when it comes to making communication along with our friends, family, and businesses. Anybody who is having your phone number will be able to contact you using WhatsApp. They can call, video calls you, text you, and send you any kind of file anytime. But when people start calling you again and again as they have your number, it becomes quite an annoying thing. So if you too are getting annoyed with so many audio and video calls on WhatsApp, you can do a simple thing, you can just mute the calls from WhatsApp. You will be able to see the call, but they will not irritate you by ringing your phone again and again.

So here in this post, we will let you know all about the methods that will help you mute WhatsApp calls on your android and iOS phones.

How to Mute Calls from WhatsApp When It’s Ringing?

When anyone calls you via WhatsApp, it works the same as when they call you by your phone number. So you can easily mute the calls when it’s ringing.

Mute WhatsApp Calls When It’s Ringing on Android

You can easily mute WhatsApp call on your phone in the similar way you do it when you get calls from your phone number on the phone. So all you have to do is press the phone’s volume key down, and you can also press the power of your phone if you are using an android device. You will need to do it at the time your phone is ringing by a WhatsApp call. This way, you can easily mute the WhatsApp call when the phone is ringing.

Mute WhatsApp Calls When It’s Ringing on iOS.

In iOS also, you can mute the WhatsApp call; in the same manner, you do it for regular voice calls. If you want to mute WhatsApp calls on an iOS device, you have to press the sleep or wake up button, or you can also pre any of the volume buttons on your phone when it’s ringing. But this method will not cut the call, it will keep ringing, but you will not hear the ring sound. If you want, you can pick it, and if you don’t want, you can keep it unanswered.

How to Mute All WhatsApp Calls On Your Phone?

In case you know that you are not going to get any kind of calls from WhatsApp, and you are using WhatsApp just to receive messages and media, you can just mute all the WhatsApp calls.

Mute All WhatsApp Calls On Android

  • As the initial step, you will need to start WhatsApp on the android mobile.
  • Then, you will need to tap on the three-dot icon that you see on the right corner at the top of your mobile screen.
  • Then, just open the settings menu that you will then look on to a drop-down list.
  • On the WhatsApp settings page, you will see the notification option; you have to tap on it.
  • On the notification page, you have to see below by scrolling down and see the calls section.
  • In the calls section, you will need to tap on the Ringtone option.
  • You will perceive a tilt of selections, and you have to tap on None.
  • Now under the calls section, you will see the vibrate option; you have to select the option.
  • A list of options will open, and you have to tap on the Off option to complete mute the WhatsApp calls.

Mute All WhatsApp Calls On iOS

Like the android phone, you will not be able to mute the WhatsApp call completely separately on an iOS device. You have to mute all the notifications, including the notifications for texts also if you want to mute the WhatsApp calls.

  • To do so, you have to start the WhatsApp application on iOS mobile.
  • Now tap on the settings menu.
  • Under the settings screen, you will need to choose the Notifications option.
  • On the notification page, you will not see any special section for calls. So you have to disable all notifications for WhatsApp.
  • You have to tap on in-app Notifications.
  • You will see two options, Sound and Vibrate, with toggle buttons; you have to slide off the toggle but in order to mute the notifications from WhatsApp on an iOS device.

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