Dentist As A Career

For what reason did we decide to become dental specialists? When I return to my optimistic pre-undergrad self, I could roll out a few decent equation-based replies. A more able connecting question would be: ‘The reason am I still a dental specialist?’ That is, disregarding all the pessimism we experience through dentistry talks, media, partners, sites, gatherings, and blog entries, regardless of whether it is on the predicament of the NHS, increasing expenses, or the expansion in prosecution.

You don’t simply find some work this one of a kind: even inside the domains of medical care, dentistry stands separated. It is half business, half clinical; it is an unquestionably cozy occupation with the potential for extraordinary effect: zeroing in on a piece of the body that impacts one’s certainty, general wellbeing, how you eat, rest, drink, talk, and how you are seen by others. So plainly some idea more likely than not gone into the choice to take up this vocation.

Reasons For Choosing Dentistry

For me it has many factors and numerous good reasons mentioned below:

I like helping people

A toot treatment actually aids people. A satisfactory root canal treatment or restoration can aid in relieving pain; a dental prosthesis may aid individuals in eating food. Also, we help individuals’ overall health by providing treatment for periodontal problems, caries, and other diseases; thus, improving their life quality.

iI appreciate the final result as opposed to the art, musician and other fields

Glancing at a propel obturation in a molar or looking at a beautiful smile design of a patient brings me satisfaction. We cannot point out all the thrills of the end results and there we have to enjoy the process as well.

Lifetime relations with colleagues and patients

This profession would be completely empty without the patients, so it is a great job option for those who enjoy meeting new individuals and developing long-term relations. It is amazing to meet individuals from various stages of life.

For the artistic factor

The aim of BDA (British Dental Association) is to “promote the art and science of dentistry”. e generally assume it as a science but it has a touch of art and craft in the procedures.

For economic reason

The revenue in these files is excellent. There are not numerous fields where pupils earn this good from the beginning but it is not easily earned revenue, you have to work hard for meeting your targets and patients’ good wishes.

Career independence

Since you are self-employed which offers you great freedom on the venue of job, the workload, and chance of taking breaks. This career offers a good pension and gives a bound income on meeting targets. thus, you get great control in your job. Also, you have the freedom to choose the tools, materials, and dental laboratory of your choice.

For the passion of dental field

For me, this is the sole reason to pursue this field. Despite the worst scenarios in administration, business, stress levels, dental science will always be the heart of the whole work you do. And if it is your passion then nothing can snatch it from you.



There may be numerous factors like guardians’ recommendations, or like being a sadist or drawing inspiration from movies or series, but the major factors I have mentioned above strike me the most.

While I was researching this, a striking conclusion was made that this field might be the best work option for a few individuals, depending on how many factors listed above suit you.

But, it might not be the best job. A perfect jb must be logical as well as realistic. My dream job would be a fun activity on a holiday, reading and writing plots for the big screen during the working days. Aiming at all the options may be over-ambitious but choosing one will not be unimaginable at a specific stage of my life.

But, everything is not rosy in this field as well. Few of those factors mentioned above help this profession stand out. But if you still think that this field is not for you, there are many other pathways within this sector that you may pursue like research, academic career, consultation, business management, etc.

Given the myriad of factors mentioned above for choosing dentistry, it would be difficult to consider this field as a bad choice!

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