Companies Hiring Software Engineers To Work Remotely

Once you’ve completed a coding boot camp to progress as a software engineer, it’s time to think about the next step in your career path. But in place of just looking for work options in your region, why not look at the overall view and look at organizations across the globe that hire teleworkers?

Remote work may be an unknown idea to numerous, but it is largely a thing in actuality these days (even though we are not in a time of a pandemic), especially for trained software engineers.

With a job option from the comfort of your home, you get fewer time constraints, fewer distractions, no dress code, and save the time of travel. Plus, you’ll probably be able to work when and in the way that best suits your needs; As long as you’re doing your job, many businesses don’t necessarily care if you’re online (except in virtual meetings).

After all, if you could participate and excel in a demanding, immersive online coding boot camp, why would the job be any different?

Top 09 Companies Hiring Software Engineers To Work Remotely

We’ve looked at a number of companies that hire software engineers for telecommuting, and like our favorites, we’ve chosen companies that truly embrace the culture of telecommuting, offer incredible or unique benefits, and have strong business values ​​and well established (including prioritizing a good work-life balance!).

1. GitHub

You may have previously been familiar with GitHub. So why not work on it? The software development platform organization has numerous remote work options in 18 countries, so the options are unlimited if you are interested in being a digital nomad. Nearly fifty percent of the organization’s workers do not work from San Francisco’s workplace (Github headquarters), while the rest work from the comfort of home from across the globe.

Perks: Free of a charge gym membership, learning and development money, free health insurance, five months paid leave for new parents, competitive 401 (k) with 4% match, and consumption of unlimited energy. Need we say more?


MailerLite primarily has a work-from-home work culture, which means that half of the team works in Vilnius, Lithuania, and the other half works remotely, across the globe. The organization produces modern email marketing tools utilized by over 8 lakh organizations, freelancers, and start-ups to mail over one billion emails in one month. MailerLite strives to create a positive work culture so that you can be sure that you are applying to a company with strong values.

Perks: When you work at MailerLite, you get an excellent package, a generous vacation policy, paid “creative days”, a MacBook, and biennial business trips that are more like ” workplaces ”than anything else.

3. Mozilla

About half of Mozilla’s 1,100 employees work from the comfort of your home, so if you’re looking for flexible working hours and places, this is the platform for you. The organization, that makes the Firefox browser, provides a number of teleworker support services, including a week-long cultural presentation at its Mountain View headquarters and an expert distant friend who can act as a mentor.

Perks: Employees receive up to $ 3,000 per year for professional development opportunities, up to $ 1,700 per year for expenses such as child care and mental health, as well as the latest materials and software. Mozilla also provides up to 26 weeks of fully paid parental leave.

4. Change

Toggl makes time-tracking software, so you can guess that the company would try to micro-control its employees, but it’s the opposite. Toggl is a completely remote company with a fairly unique recruiting process. You begin by completing a skills test, then you are assigned a live coding assignment or lesson. If you like what you see, take three to five days of testing (for a fee), followed by an interview with the CEO. The organization hires over 75 people in 30 countries.

Perks: At Toggl you get 24 free vacations, two organization retreats and two team meetings per year, a laptop and a budget of $ 2,000 to set up your workplace at home, a home internet allowance, or coworking membership, and compensation for your gym membership, massages, and other wellness activities.

5. Trello

Trello, a maker of project management tools, is part of Atlassian and is based in New York City. But the team’s members are spread across the globe, all credits to a corporate sector with the work ethics that values ​​the pliability of teleworking.

Perks: Some of the perks provided at Trello include working capital, vacation, five days of paid voluntary leave, tuition compensation, company paid travel, professional development compensation, and more Again.

6. Maximum points

No head office, no problems. Toptal is the world’s largest remote company with over 500 core teams working in over 60 countries. You literally need a WiFi connection and you’re good to go. Toptal helps companies recruit 3% of the best independent talents in the world through their dedicated network.

Perks: Flexible time off, paid sabbatical after five years, and countless conferences, networking events, workshops, and coworking days around the world.

7. Stack overflow

Stack Overflow, a large online community of developers, has a remote-first culture so you can work anywhere you want. The company works with companies such as Microsoft, Primer, Runtastic, IMC, and others to help developers solve coding issues and share knowledge.

Perks: Working at Stack Overflow gives you benefits such as an ergonomic desk and chair, paid maternity and paternity leave (more flexibility up to one year after that), tuition allowance, subsidy conference, fully paid health insurance premiums and $ 150 per month for the wellness allowance.

8. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo Internet privacy company is fully distributed, with telecommuters around the world. The company has a hiring process different from the common hiring process which includes a phone call, paid trial projects, and more interviews. Since they acknowledge that it can be frightening to take the step to full remote control, you can even work on a part-time internal project to get the full remote working experience on DuckDuckGo before you decide to. a full-time job.

Perks: Coworking pay, flexible working hours, company-wide hacking days, team meetings, health and learning benefits, and corresponding charities are just a few of the perks to working at DuckDuckGo.

9. Buffer

Buffer is a completely remote company with employees in 15 countries, so the people here really know how to stay in touch on the job. All you need to travel are semi-annual business trips, which often take place to exciting destinations around the world. Buffer creates tools for social media and collaborates with more than 75,000 companies.

Perks: Work anywhere in the world. Plus health insurance, laptop, $ 500 to set up your home office, money for learning and development, three weeks vacation per year, a 401 (k) with a 3% trade match, profit sharing, family vacations, business trips to exotic places. places (the next one is in Greece), money for coworking, and sabbaticals.

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