09 Best Home Decorating Gaming Apps

Home is one of the three basic necessities of life among food, clothing, and shelter. Building home from hard work is a dream that we all want to fulfill. Everyone has a different mindset in building a home-like some people are more concerned with comfort and coziness while building a home while some prefer eye-gazing interiors by hiring interior designers.

If you are not an architect or not an interior designer but still want to accomplish your dream of building a home then we can contribute a bit in fulfilling your dream as in this article we have come up with some best home decorating games apps which will let you construct a house of your dreams of your own. You can practice your skills within this app and construct a house and decorate it also and can also customize it according to your interest.

So let’s see what we have on our bucket list:-

1. Home Maker: Design House Game

This app will provide you with the best customization options to create the house of your dreams. You will get material money and thousands of Manpower to build and decorate your house. It contains a lot of stuff and decoration set for decorating all kinds of rooms including the bedroom, bathroom, dining room, library, kitchen, pantry, terrace, and even swimming pools.

The app can be of great use to designer faculty students as they can test their skills by using this app. It has lately come with 3D modeling software that will provide you latest trends and updates while using it. You can pick a decoration theme of your choice from modern, fashionable, classic rich, etc. You can also choose among various furniture types, furnishing, and accessories. It saves your time and money as you can create a model of your home and then you can actually build the same in real life.

It also allows you to see other members’ designs of rooms. You will also get a chance to vote for the designs you like the most as each week the main popular designs are shown on the main page of the app. Once you start using it you will earn various awards by passing through various game levels and you can create a new interior for a room. You can also participate in daily challenge design missions which will give you gems in return if you win it. Overall this is a home decorating game app that enhances your designer skills without having a degree in it.

2. Home Design Makeover

This app more looks like a real game as the graphics are more like a cartoon and it is a good choice for people who prefer that style. In it, you are going to play the role of a designer and you have to design,  customize, and decorate the house with the perfect and beautiful decor. You will get this app on Google and Apple Play Store.

You will get an option to choose from various styles including modern, Victorian, etc to decorate and customize your house. You can also separately decorate the room including the hall, bathroom, bedroom. In this game you will get clients from different places and that maybe Hollywood celebrities, usual people, or people from any foreign country.

The app has inbuilt 3000 puzzles and dozens of different modes but it gets updated regularly so you will always get something new and exciting. As you get to play the role of a designer so you have to be perfect in designing furniture, doing flooring, lightning, and other decor elements. It will always boost you to stay creative in your life.

3. My Home – Design Dreams

This app is good for kids as it has more cartoon-like graphics but there are still a lot of adults who prefer this app due to its really challenging and captivating style. The game focuses on building the house of your dreams. You can build a Mansion, a Villa, or a bungalow and can design and decorate it by using your fingertips on your device.

In this, you will find hundreds of challenging matches 3 levels with awesome boosters. It not only allows you to build one property at a time rather you can work with several projects simultaneously. It has puzzle gameplay in which you need to create a design piece by piece. The app gets updated regularly and will give you daily rewards. You can use this on your smartphone by paying a monthly subscription of dollar 6.99.

4. Kawaii Home Design

This home decorating app invites you to the world of paper dollhouses by executing in cartoon style. The app works well for females as they get to showcase their charm and skills while decorating a house of the dreams. It allows you to decorate your office and it worked well with people who are already dealing with furnishing and decorating the business offices.

The graphics are in 2D style and it is a very lightweight app that will occupy a little amount of space in your phone due to the absence of complicated animation elements. You will get rewards for your design if it becomes popular and you can also vote for other people’s designs that you like.

5. Design Home

The app simply allows you to express your creativity in decoration by using thousands of elements as it is one of the coolest home decorating apps available on Google and Apple Play Store. It will provide you with high-end elements of furniture and Decor brands that you can use while creating a house of your choice. You can also decorate rooms differently for example you can construct a bedroom in a modern style and you can construct a bathroom in vintage style.

For constructing every room you will get different decoration elements and you can combine them to create your own personal style. You will also get to use various furniture which contains a short description and you will also be provided the material for designing floor, walls, etc. Once you are done with your project you can save it and share it with other users.

If your work becomes popular and gets many votes then you will earn rewards from the same. The app has gained much popularity due to its incredibly realistic graphics but it also has the disadvantage that it contains various ads and in order to unlock all the features you will need to spend some money to buy a subscription yearly or monthly.

6. Home Dream: Word & Design Home

To use this app you will have to solve the various crossword. Once you solve them you will get rewards that can be used within the game to purchase more designs. Just like various other apps, you will get to design different rooms, walls, floors, etc. You will get to use various kinds of accessories furniture of your choice and you can make customization of items to give more space to your room.

It has various designer styles available and you can choose among American, European, Japanese, and more. Once you have designed a house you will be directed to the next level but before reaching a new level you will have to again solve the crossword.

7. Dream Home Designer – Design Your Home 3D

It is a curious app that works from a little different perspective as it allows you to look at your house from the insider’s eye, it gives you a feeling like you are actually in your own house. You will move from one level to another by solving puzzles and will receive new objects once you reach the new level.

You will get different elements of decoration according to the score that you have scored in the previous level. It has an interesting feature as it has some hidden objects and secrets that can be discovered by solving puzzles and completing various levels. It also works in offline mode. The game is good to play only for some time as it starts repeating levels once you clear many.

8. Home Fantasy: Home Design Game

This app is quite popular among home decorating game apps as it will provide you high-quality stuff to decorate your dream home. It provides an opportunity to choose minor things of your choice, for example, you can even choose the color of pillows, material, curtains, the shape and size regarding the same.

It allows you to create something that you really want as you will get a chance to make a choice of decorative elements that are available in bulk here. You can choose among various themes among modern, fashion, classic, literary, austere, and many more. The app will let you feel that you are a successful designer which can build a dream home and it also lets you repair the old houses and give them a new makeover.

You will have to solve a decoration puzzle in order to collect the material to construct your perfectly decorated house. You will earn coins from the match puzzles to customize various rooms and their furniture. The app works very well in all aspects but it has the drawback that it is not updated frequently and it gets boring when one uses it for a long time.

9. Home Designer – Match + Blast –

This app not only allows you to create dream homes from the various designs but also allows you to create new design variants. It will provide you with all the stuff for furnishing and decorating. Just like other games it also has some quizzes that you need to pass to unlock the next level. It has qualitative 3D animation graphics that are astonishing. You will get the score and rewards for your work if it becomes popular among other uses of this app.

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